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Title Deprecated File name Summary Direct uses Strings
exif_orientation_file_presave ./exif_orientation.module Implements hook_file_presave().
exif_orientation_form_user_profile_form_alter ./exif_orientation.module Implements hook_form_alter(). Replace the user_validate_picture validator with our own.
_exif_orientation_rotate ./exif_orientation.module Rotates an image to its EXIF Orientation 2
_exif_orientation_validate_image_callback ./exif_orientation.module Image validator which rotates the image.
_exif_orientation_validate_user_picture ./exif_orientation.module Validates an image uploaded by a user. This is an exact copy of user_validate_picture() except our validator which is added before file_validate_image_resolution(). file_validate_image_resolution resizes the image if it's too large loosing the exif… 1

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