Back to Politics... Road Safety

Been extremely out of active politics basically since the Langford - Juan de Fuca by-election. Extremely good reason and all but great to be getting back into active politics. Got a new reason to be majorly engaged too - a son - so now have a moral duty to try to make things better. First on my list right now is road safety.

    Winter Weather Pedestrian Safety in Sooke

    This is unfortunately a story of failure, and a call to change. Our current method of ensuring safety and accessibility for pedestrians in Sooke in the winter is not working. There are short term improvements we can make but long term we need a fundamental shift.

      Drupal 10 site upgrade

      My experience upgrading my first production site from Drupal 9 to 10. Had run quite a few test Drupal 10 sites, and upgraded some tests but this was the first live upgrade of a real site with all the warts and contrib modules that usually entails. Despite it being almost 3 weeks until Drupal 10's launch, it was fairly smooth - certainly smoother than most D8->9 upgrades even a couple weeks *post* D9 launch.

        BC Electoral Boundaries - Colwood - JdF Could make sense

        In Canada, every few years the electoral boundaries are redrawn by an independent Electoral Boundaries Comission (EBC). For BC, it is after every 2nd general election. The draft redistricting has arrived and I'm not happy with it for the South end of Vancouver Island. Instead I want to propose a Colwood - Juan de Fuca riding.

          2022 Sooke Council Election Results

          Nick ran in the 2022 Sooke Municipal election as candidate for council. The results are now in and safe to say Nick isn't a councillor this cycle. Not last but far from elected. All incumbents were re-elected and one former incumbent.