# About Nick

About Nick

My name is Nick Dickinson-Wilde. I make the internet - seriously I'm a web developer and my code is on literally 1%+ of websites. My Twitter bio is good for a tiny summary


    Nick Dickinson-Wilde is an expert web developer specializing in Drupal with a side of ops.

      Park Heights Neighbourhood Speed Limit Reduction

      The Park Heights neighbourhood in East Sooke is a small rural/residental neighbourhood with a maximum driving distance to ESR of slightly over 2km. Nick is aiming to make it safer for residents, pedestrians and wildlife.

        BC Electoral Boundaries - Colwood - JdF Could make sense

        In Canada, every few years the electoral boundaries are redrawn by an independent Electoral Boundaries Comission (EBC). For BC, it is after every 2nd general election. The draft redistricting has arrived and I'm not happy with it for the South end of Vancouver Island. Instead I want to propose a Colwood - Juan de Fuca riding.