# Summary

In the professional sphere, I'm an experienced web developer with particular expertise in Drupal with a side of dev-ops. Been working with Drupal for over a decade - contributing to Drupal core and contrib for close to a decade. I got started in development on my own while being  homeschooled - with HTML and SSI. Since then I've been constantly coding and then turned my hobby into a career. Still do some coding as a hobby too, and very much a Open Source proponent. 

I started in paid web development as a freelancer in generic HTML + PHP - made my own CMS, but worked in whatever came along including WordPress if necessary, until I discovered Drupal and then rapidly moved to Drupal focused. At this point I am a Drupal consultant with a focus on BackEnd/Ops with the additional benefit of team management skills.

# Current

Primary Role

I devote most of my time to my role as Drupal manager at Taoti Creative. Consulting with Taoti since 2018, I've long headed the dev-ops practice area and was majorly responsible for the shift to using composer and continuous integration. Taoti has been a top 100 Drupal company for contributions multiple years mainly through my work.

Recent large projects I've been involved in include Carnegie Science and Interaction's NGO Aid Map. Generally, except for those occasional projects with US based employee requirements, I know all the current projects, and in my dev-ops role have been involved in most even if not in my normal team's responsibilities. See more details in my Work History.


Nick's work history in software development - particularly Drupal.


    When not consulting - although lines are sometimes blurred which is what I get for turning a love into a job - I'm a significant open source contributor. Due to work - and personal usage - that has been focused on the Drupal and PHP ecosystems for the most part for many years. I'm very lucky in that all of my employers have been either very relaxed about IP, already open source proponents, or happy to listen to my advice. Taoti in particular has enabled significant contribution - both directly and indirectly. Taoti specifically has given me time for DrupalCon and is happy to have fixes go into contrib or core. Sometimes "yes this is my own time" but also "I'm able to contribute because I learnt about this bug at work and it interested me" and "Taoti's money is what gives me the free time to contribute".

    In addition to direct code contributions, with Drupal, I'm also very much community oriented. A regular hand on Slack (and used to be on IRC), and social media. I've helped organize many Drupal events from user groups to cons, most recently on the Session Review Team for DrupalCon North America 2023. Likewise, I've spoken at many Drupal events including multiple DrupalCons. See more details in Community Involvement.

    Most of my Drupal contributions - both core and contrib - can be found through my D.O profile. Much of my other open source code contributions can be found on GitHub.

    # Recent Presentation