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Advanced Aggreggates API & Developer Documentation.

Welcome to the Advanced Aggreggates API & development documentation.

Much of the effects of Advanced Aggregates is achieved through the core hooks hook_js_alter() and hook_css_alter(). Most of AdvAgg is alterable though its config settings. For other module developers, there is limited exposed functionality beyond that although any of the classes can be re-used in different ways theoretically. There are 2 events generated for other modules to use; AssetOptimizationEvent::JS and AssetOptimizationEvent:CSS. You can see examples and read more under Asset Optimization Event

Newcomers to Drupal development should read the conceptual information in Drupal API Introduction or Drupal API Docs. The heavily documented Example modules may also be helpful.

For any comments, support or questions see the module page. Also, feel free to comment here if it is specific to one function/file.