In some ways, the whole Green Party of Canada platform is my priority in other ways that would be ridiculous. Firstly, while I can't think of any policies I'm in active disagreement, an important facet of the Green Party is that it is not whipped. There are policies I feel should be prioritized that aren't but in all that 2019 platform was decent. However if I'm elected I will have my own priorities. The policies would be in alignment with the GPC Platform. Another important factor, is "when everything has priority, nothing has priority. If everything comes first, nothing comes first"1

One of the most important jobs of an MP - or a candidate - is to represent their constituents. These in some cases must subsume the priorities and opinions of both party and candidate. Another factor is an MP is not just representing their riding, they should also be trying to improve the nation as a whole. Sometimes that can also conflict so an MP should listen - A LOT. A candidate or an MP should be truthful to who they are as well. You can support decisions you don't agree with with good grace but you need to be authentic and true to yourself, your constituents, your party and your country.

With all the conflicting source of direction, these are my priorities - in no particular order because to be effective in a large group which the House of Commons certainly counts as, you have to be ready to jump on an issue at the most opportune time. In a full election or as MP, they might be mildly different - unless it was very soon indeed would likely be different - since one of my first priorities as your ESS Green candidate would be a listening campaign.

Increased Suffrage

Canadians - especially women - and First Nations within Canada have long fought for suffrage and in many ways have won it. However, it is not complete. The most recent expansion of suffrage was to prison inmates of all sentence lengths in 2004, but under 18 year olds and non-citizen residents still can't vote in federal elections.

Proportional Representation

Canada's First Past the Post electoral system produces results that are deeply skewed away from vote/support by party. We must change this for a multitude of reasons especially rebuilding trust in our democratic institutions.

[1]12 May 1973, Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) Free Press, “Word Wise” by Larry Geller, New Leisure Saturday Magazine