Some may say - to some degree accurately - that "diversity politics" are virtue signalling. My response to that, is what else should we be signalling? We may fail, we may make mistakes but if we don't try to do right what is the point? We can build safety - more than only the environment but socially and for marginalized peoples - not just in our house of commons but in every step between from EDA to campaigns to party. Not only can we build a safer and better world but we must.

# 6 Core Green Values


Non violence is important, however, it can also be used as an excuse not to take a stand. "Both sides" while often comfortable and seemingly non-violent can actually be supporting violence especially status-quo and colonialism.

Canada's lack of support for removing patents on critical life saving COVID-19 vaccines is fundamentally violent. Really non-violence is very broad and must inform (but not subsume) all other priorities whether social justice or ecological wisdom.

Canada - and BC's - treatment of indigenous nations both currently and historically is violence; all forms of colonialism and racism is violence.. Canada's policing and resource extractive industries need to be re-imagined - both are founded on and continue the oppression of minorities and in particular indigenous folks.


In some ways, my views on sustainability are quite most complicated. Sustainability is often used as a cover - intentional or not - for NIMBYism, racism and Malthusianism.

The current upgrades to Highway 14 are an example of the complexities of sustainability; yes they will likely lead to induced demand and more driving with the attendant host of ecological and health problems. However, having a highway be fundamentally unsafe is bad. So, yes, I support having separated lanes on HIghway 14, I just would like the upgrades to support alternative transportation at the same time - separated bike lanes and safely walkable shoulders.

Social Justice

A just society must be non-violent, sustainable, respect diversity etc. All things are interrelated - we cannot have an environmentally friendly society without social justice.

One particular aspect that needs national attention is our medical system and the gaping holes in it. It is great that most Canadian's medical emergencies don't cause bankruptcy, but it is not enough. Specifically, optical, dental, mental health, prescriptions all need to be included in our government paid healthcare system. The BC Greens have made amazing plans and progress on getting some mental health supports paid for in BC, but it is not enough - it needs to be nationally mandated. In the meantime though getting it better managed in BC would show a path for other provinces; I encourage everyone to sign the BC Green Mental Health petition.

Ecological Wisdom

Climate change is an existential threat to human civilization. Canada (and sadly BC) in particular must stop funneling billions of support to Oil & Gas. Just reassigning that money to better uses such as a UBI/GLI or supporting alternative power sources would lead to massive changes.

One of my long term major issues is safety of common household chemicals, primarily cosmetic pesticides. I've been yelling about Glyphosate (roundup) for decades - from getting local public places to commit to being chemical cosmetic pesticide and herbicide free to a 60 page report to then minister of environment, hon. St├ęphane Dion. My joy at Jenica Atwin's private members bill really can't be overstated even though it is unlikely it will get read.

Participatory Democracy

Although democracy doesn't fix problems by itself, a truly participatory democracy combined with a quality education system is fundamental to achieving most other aims. Trudeau promised hundreds of times that the 2015 election would be the last federal election under First Past the Post. However, here we are looking at 2nd election after that and still the same old deeply flawed electoral system is silencing many voices.

Proportional representation and youth voting engagement (Vote 16!) is another thing I've been yelling about since I was a youngster - long before lowering the voting age to 16 would've given me a vote.

Respect for Diversity

Could pretty much say "insert my normal spiel about interrelated values" but since we specifically have this category might as well use it.

While yes, we do have a loud neighbour (the USA) who really doesn't respect diversity, Canada could and in fact needs to do a lot better - both as a whole and specifically, the Green party. The levels of racism, antisemitism and transphobia displayed during the GPC leadership race was quite frankly unacceptable.

Regardless of other qualities, past levels of support for the Green Party etc, repeated overt displays of racism, antisemitism, homophobia or transphobia should be rule outs for any leadership roles whether at the EDA, Campaign or party level. Yes, some will say, "we need to focus on the climate change" but without social justice, respect for diversity and non-violence we might as well be that old saying of "conservatives on bikes [or with electric vehicles]". There is room for "conservative" folks in the party -I'm happy to discuss why I believe that spending billions on fighter jets is not a conservative fiscal action but UBI is. Attempting to impose social conservatism or engaging in the violence of racism, homophobia, antisemitism, transphobia etc are not.