Well it has been an exciting year in politics for me. Here we are, in the middle of the second snap pandemic election on the west coast, this time federal. Both of them irresponsibly called by self-proclaimed progressives with weak records on climate and human rights. At the same time despite all of the challenges of living in a pandemic, it has been full of great experiences and some not insignificant disappointments - both in policy and governance and personally.

As well as the elections here, there have been other elections across Canada that I've been involved in - Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia stand out since I did some minor campaigning at a distance. Also, in many ways very important and in fact crucial to the electoral success of the respective Green Party but not really part of this story since they just were nearing the end of their path at this time last year was the leadership elections for both the GPC and the BC Greens. In the BC Green we got an amazing leader, Sonia Furstenau. For Green Party of Canada we got Annamie Paul, who's reign so far has certainly been challenged and challenging.

So... on to the BC Election last fall

With the snap BC Election, the BC Greens had no Riding association locally (Langford Juan de Fuca) I called and talked to lots of people