As frequently (I try to make as many Federal Council Meetings as possible) and despite the short notice, I attended the Special Federal Council Meeting scheduled tonight (June 15th 2021).

The exciting news: a Virtual Policy General Meeting has now been scheduled - for August 21st 2021. I'm concerned about that timeline - both short for the organizers (staff & volunteers) and long in that I could very easily see the writ dropping about that time. Certainly I smell an election coming.

After that, the meeting moved in camera - presumably to talk about the current drama. I'm certainly hoping for a good resolution there although I admit to some significant trepidation that there are no good solutions. However, whatever happens in the party as a whole, we must focus on the riding level and getting ready for an election. With that in mind, I'm very much looking forward to the ESS nomination meeting happening next week (June 24th).