# BC Representative?

Even for many long term members of the Green Party of Canada, internal party governance can be hazy and opaque or even disregarded. For new members especially those that joined at the last federal election or since then there hasn't been an Federal Council electing during their membership. So, to ensure understanding, here's the official description of Federal Council:

"Federal Council is the governing body of the Green Party of Canada. There are 18 voting members consisting of 11 Provincial and Territorial Representatives, 1 President, 2 Vice Presidents, 1 Fund Representative, 2 Youth Representatives, and the Leader. Each Councillor is elected for two years."

The BC Representative as well as being a general member of the Fedral Council such as participating in all meetings and being in some subcommittees, also

"Represent Party members and EDAs in their respective provinces or territories on Federal Council"

If you're interested in more details,  see the full role descriptions


# Election Details

Voting is open from April 11th to May 11th. Emails with the ballot come from info@simplyvoting.ca - the GPC's voting provider - but not infrequently go to people's junk mail boxes.  

If you haven't received your ballot yet please email the party as soon as possible at elections@greenparty.ca.

# Why am I running?

To put it succinctly,  the last couple years of years have been hard for the Green Party and we need to improve things and I believe I can contribute to that. 

The long form...

I became a Green Party of Canada member when I was 15 - before we had any elected representatives. I've been a member half my life and have participated with calling,  sign waving and signature gathering in dozens of campaigns both federal and provincial. Last federal election was hard. Calling "easy" numbers often lead to disappointment and talking to people sad about the state of the party. Our volunteer base was shrunk and many sat out the election or even voted for another party. 

This didn't have to happen.  To some degree a period of change, challenge and reinvisioning was going to happen after Elizabeth May stepped down but it didn't have to be mostly negative. We could've made progress. We have but with way more pain than necessary. 

Part of what is needed now is a recommital to what really matters - human rights and the environment. They are inseparable and even those facets you could separate shouldn't be. 

Additionally, we need to not just regrow but build new EDAs, strengthen and upskill our volunteers. Be generally election ready with strong connections to our local communities so we can have high quality candidates that aren't last minute.

I believe I have the skills and passion to move us towards those goals. 

# Questions / Nick's Positions

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The role of federal councillors - especially provincial representatives - is to represent the party members. Some would say that means we shouldn't have positions especially when it comes to policy. That is to some degree accurate and as a representative I would do my best to represent even those with very different visions and priorities. However, I believe that representatives on Federal Council actually do have their own positions and priorities - just like an MP is supposed to represent their constituents but takes their own slant on things (or often in our system for non-Green party politics the whipped position of their party). Given the impact I totally think it is reasonable to ask *and* for your representatives to answer questions clearly. Please message me in some way if you have questions. Or read on for some frequently asked questions/short answers...

# FAQs

Do you support Proportional Representation?

Absolutely! In some ways, I don't know why I've been asked this lately since it is long standing core GPC policy, but also given the last year I do understand wanting to check whether people actually support core policies.

How much do I support PR? If I wasn't running for BC Representative, I was distinctly considering running for the Fair Vote Canada board of directors.

What are your personal priorities?

Mostly answered in my introduction, but if I had to list my top priorities it would all boil down to election readiness and how to get there. We are a political party, elections should be are focus. So my top 3 priorities for that are:

  • Get involved with the Financial and Strategy committees of Federal Council. Possibly also JEDI depending on the committee size - I have significant interest, and being a cis white guy have very good reason to be involved (reduce the extra labour on marginalized people) but also good reason not to be involved, so that's a more wait and see the new council make-up first.
  • Increase EDA activities throughout BC
  • Get EDAs going where we don't have EDAs (Example Cloverdale/Langley City, where I was the nominated candidate last election - paper candidate - but with no EDA and not being local, we didn't get enough signatures to get on the ballot)